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2014-08-24 04:05:46 (UTC)

Laying around...watching the race

My buyer decided that tomorrow was better so since I had nothing
else scheduled for today, I went ahead and rescheduled those
appointments and headed out to run some errands.

I went to Walmart to pick up a large dry erase board as my
business is picking up so much I need another one to keep up
with what is going on. I also got another dry erase calendar
so I can have two complete calendars at once. Worked out

After all that I came home and got comfortable.

Got another call from a different old friend too. I did
not answer. Too many times I sat waiting on them to show
up when we were supposed to meet. I am not messing with
some of these folks anymore. Do not have the time or the
money. I told my BFF recently that I do not mind going
out to eat and maybe having a cocktail or two, but this
going out to a bar and staying till they close is not
happening anymore. I just can not do that crap.

Too old for it. Time to stop.

The last thing I will be doing is going backwards.

I have been losing weight. Eating a side salad from
burger king or Wendy's each day....usually two. It is
cheap and enough to fill me up. It is working I have lost
over 7 pounds in less than two weeks. My pants are fitting
better and I am feeling better too.

Everything is working out as planned.
I am making and saving money...

my daughter is listing three properties this weekend.
I am working on stuff all the time.....
I was worried, if you can believe it that I was
concerned that all of our listings are under contract..
worried that we would have nothing...
and before long we will have more than ever...
in individual properties and in total amount.
898,300 under contract and 713,000 being listed
within a week.

We are doing pretty good.

I am happy

life is good

I am proud

that is a good thing

Laying in bed right now watching the race with my son....

could not get much better than this....