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2014-08-23 00:37:21 (UTC)

The weekend has started....old and new

So I get a message on FB today from an old friend who has
not called me or been over here in years. We used to be
very close. But not so much anymore. She was letting me
know that the guy we know and his girlfriend were performing
tonight. Wanted to know if I wanted to go. I do not have
her phone number anymore. So, I could not call. I told her
I would like to see them and would call to make reservations.
But, later I added another comment that I was not going to
be able to go after all, my business is more important to
me than a social life. I offered the reservations to her
if she went anyway telling her it was for three, so she
could take two people.

I guess she must have missed that message. I was with a
client showing them property. On my way to the car
I noticed I had a message on my phone. It was her telling
me what time it was when she was calling and she was ready
to go waiting on me to come pick her up. Left the number
for me to call. I did not. Who expects me to come pick
them up when one, I am not even sure where she is living
now...and I did not agree to drive if I went. No discussion,.

Why would I call her now after I have not had her number
in years or a number to get in touch. She has not bothered
to call me until tonight. My number has not changed.
Hers has.

Anyway, I do not jump up and run when somebody wants me
to come and do something anymore anyway. I did that for
a while. I would expect to meet some of a
certain time. I am always on time. They are not
just a few minutes late...they could be one or two hours
late and expect me to still be sitting there waiting on
them. NOT ANYMORE.....and I do not offer to be the driver.

Why should I? I mean really. She has a car. She could have
just went. I made reservations. I tried to get back in
touch the same way she was in touch....on FB.

Tired of being used. Do not need it.

find somebody else to haul your ass around and jump
when you call. I have a life. A business....
a family...and I am busy.

Yes, I am busy.

Tomorrow I will be showing property again.
Sunday I will be showing property and possibly
a listing appointment....

I am busy making money.....
not sitting around whining cause I do not have
any...or a job, or a life.

I got all that.

Worked hard for it.

Not putting my clients off to run other people
around so they can go see someone perform. If those
folks want you there so damn bad, then get them
to arrange to pick you up.

I am not a cab service.


not gonna happen again.