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2014-08-21 23:16:44 (UTC)

A better day after all

I sent out the information packet as requested from the
lady who called me last night. She is interested in
selling their childhood home with 52 acres. I can not
wait to get that one finalized.

Then today I had a call from my buyer who has been living
at the beach for a while. He has picked out three houses
for me to show him on Saturday. So, I have been putting
all that together and it is scheduled.

Things are happening in every direction I turn. I think
if things continue like this I will just not sign up
for Social Security I would hate the limited income and
a ceiling on how much money I can make. I am finally
making money why in the hell would I want to be limited?
Not yet. Not yet guys.

I am saving my money just in case I locate something
to invest in myself. I am going to have extra income
coming in before I start drawing SS. They said that
rental income is not an issue. So, that is my plan
at this point. But things do change. My mind may
as well if things do not continue to go as well.

I did have a conversation with him about the remodeling.
He is waiting for the weather to cool down so him and
my son can start working on clearing out the garage.


That is going to be something to see.
Plus I do not have my hopes up as I can get
no one to do things for me. NO ONE!!

This is going to be a great weekend.
I am on another roll.

What out!