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2014-08-20 17:57:22 (UTC)

Dear charming

Dear Charming,

I'm both freaked out and amazed by how easy it would be to fall in love with you if i let my self...
I don't know how your not already taken as any girl would be Lucky and blessed to be with you do you even realize that? Do you realize what a good man you are?
Theres a million things that are in the way of anything ever happening between us age difference being a big one and yet theres a sliver of hope it seems to wisper to me it could be so easy...theres a you, theres a me, maybe there could be a "We" an "Us" Theres a reason your not taken yet Charming maybe Gods saving you for me? Maybe Gods saveing me for you?
I'm trying so hard not to get caught up in the feelings because i already like you to much for what little relationship we do have.
And i think i'd be crushed if you started seeing someone, which is the high sign for me to run for the hills and push you away cause i'm afraid of getting hurt,
but that little sliver of hope...
I keep replaying the way you smiled at me when i left last night...how when you noticed i was gone and asked "is katie going home? and i wasn't quite out the door and i heard you, and i ducked my head back in smiling at you saying "yeah Katies going home" and you smiled at me...and that smile... you didn't smile like that at H. or anyone else that i saw.
and i'm 99% sure i'm reading way to much into that but when you smiled at me like thst my heart went crazy and i smiled all the way home, singing to random ipod shuffle songs on my phone...that just randomly kept landing on love songs...which for me in my music are far and few between...so.... yeah.... ;)
and when i got home i saw your FB status and mustered up the courage to comment and say something to you...and went crazy for the 6 minutes you didn't respond...and then we had a few exchanges before i got off notnwanting to look like i have the biggest crush on you or say something stupid.
I was proud i talked to you both in person and om FB...
but the whole time i was paranoid that i was obvous and everyone could see i like you.
And if i eventually tell you thats fine but i don't want someone else to know and then itnget back around to you...like in JR. High.
your better than that... Charming much better and i want to do this right.