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2014-08-19 20:34:29 (UTC)

The day after

Well, I cancelled the fraud investigation to prevent her
from being arrested. I came home and told him about how
I had to fix things. I had a large minus balance. I had
to take cash out of savings to make it back to the amount
it should and back to where I needed it to be.

I was so devastated this morning I had good cry before I
left to the bank to take care of this. I sent her a text
to let her know I fix things this time and that this will
not happen again. I also told her I need some space.

I also told her I deactivated FB since that place is
just another reminder of our disconnect. She never replies
to me, never says Happy Mothers Day, Birthday or any other
acknowledgement. So, I do not have to be on there anymore
to be reminded of that. I am beginning to come to the
conclusion that some daughters just hate their mothers.

I know I hated mine.

But she was a good for nothing.

I have raised my daughter and made many sacrifices for her.
I have helped pay her bills, and would have paid these
without her robbing me blind.

This is very sad for me.

My heart is broken.