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2014-08-19 03:33:27 (UTC)


So Switcher and selfie strike again!
spreading rumors and telling lies and being the jerks they are acting like immature Jr.High kids instead of the adults they claim to be... .as usual.
Why is it Every Drama lately leads back to either Switcher, Selfie or Twister? and whats worse is i let my gaurd down just breifly...
whats worse is they lull us into a false sense of security and then BOOOOOM!!!!
Attack!!! Duck and cover, run for your life! but eventually it will come back to them...cause then whos going to be there when the smoke clears?
who will they have to depend on when they've pushed all the people who love them unconditionally away? after they've hurt those people time after time until those people realize that being around them is Toxic and have to step away.

I need some peace of mind, no fear of whats behind.
you think you've won this fight? You've only lost your mind.

If i'm honest the situations with them scare me...butbi don't have the luxery of runing away... theres only fight no flight.
If I'm honest the situations with them piss me off...i've had enough.
If i'm honest....i wish they'd all leave...but thats not reality...reality is there is a Switcher, there is a Selfie, and there is a Twister,
and dispite the queens claims of it doesn't matter or "i'm done"(with the situations)
Things don't go away because "your done" and i'm the only one actually thinking about how big these things could blow up.
I'm so sick of this.