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2014-08-18 23:57:21 (UTC)

Betrayal in the first degree

Well, I feel like I have been robbed at gun point.
I think if that was the way this went down,I would
feel better about it.

What to do, how to feel and how to handle it when
someone you love more than life itself literally
just sticks a knife in your back.

I got a call today from the bank. Some things
were taking place that concerned them and I
needed to get down there to discuss or confirm.

First thing they should me was a couple of online
charges to Target and Hollister for over 125 bucks
each....then a 350 Sprint bill just to name a few
big ones. The smaller ones were utunes and nexflix.

Over 600 bucks of charges that I did not authorize. So,
just to be on the safe side, I called both my son and
daughter to be sure they knew nothing about it. My son
is so honest, all I asked him was what cell phone
company did he use. It was not sprint. My daughter
did not answer her text or phone message. But I had to
do something so they began a fraud investigation.

When I finally hear from her, she admitted to it all.
WHAT? I gave her the card number a couple months ago
to help her get her internet turned on. She swore she
destroyed that number as soon as the transaction took
place. But obviously she did not. I asked her why
in the world did she not just call me and ask if I
could pay her phone bill or get the kids clothes for
school. I had offered to take them shopping, but she
would not hear of it. Probably because she was afraid
that I would learn that I had no money in my account
or not as much as I thought.

Lord have mercy. I tried to call to cancel the fraud
investigation. But had to leave a message. Not sure
what to think about all this. But my nerves have been
torn up all day.

I am sick about it.

I told her this can never happen again.

From now on she will never know when I am having
a closing. She will not know if I sign up for SS.

Kids like this are the ones who leave their dead parents
bodies in the house or buried in the backyard while they
live off SS checks. You hear stories like that all
the time.

At this point I am beginning to believe that she really
does not love me the way I would hope. I certainly do
not want to see her get arrested. She is involved in
things that would cause her to lose too much...every single
way she has to actually learn a living would be gone.

So, I am trying to deal with it before that happens.
Stop it.

But I will be keeping my distance from her. She is
going to have to earn my trust. Right now,
I do not trust her.
I love her to peaces. But I would not want her
taking care of me if I was sick. She will never
handle my affairs. And I will be changing my will...
my husband is changing his too. She is not out...
but she will not be in charge of things. That is
a given.

For real.

This shit happened to me....
and I only found out today.

I guess that is why she does not call me or answer
her phone when I call because was afraid of being
found out.

She was found out about today.

Sad for me.