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2014-08-17 02:45:15 (UTC)

20 facts about me.

Ok guys so heres twenty facts about me one for every year i've been alive.

1. I'm an introverted and very shy but not as shy as i once was.

2. I love photography and capturing a moment.

3. I can wistle but i can't snap go figure.

4. I think of my self as a closet poet.

5. I'm a total night owl.

6. My favorite animal is an Owl... (no i didn't plam that )

7. I'm a 90s kid, the end of Gen X or the Echo boomers.

8. I love almost all types of music literally.

9. I'm a Christian.

10. I've been to 5 different countries in 3 continents.
and i plan tl travel much more.

11. I have Red copper colored hair and brown eyes that look the same color as my hair sometimes.

12. I'm 5 feet five inches tall.

13. I'm adopted.

14. I'm a twinless Twin.

15. i see things black or white not really a grey area things are either good or bad, right or wrong.

16. I'm naturally negitive.

17. I honestly think/ expect people to be good people and it gets me hurt.

18. I'm the Oldest, Youngest, and the middle kid all at the same time.

19. I was homeschooled for my entire education and graduated high school in 2012.

20. I'm very hopful for the future dispite all the negitivity that surrounds.

so thats that people 20 facts about me :).