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2014-08-16 02:55:41 (UTC)

Back story.

Since my other diary got deleted some how i guess i'll be doing some back story on myself that this new one doesn't have.

My name is Katie i was born on june 28th 20 years ago.
I'm adopted.
My biological mother (DS) Killed my twin brother Levi when we were about 6 months old and i was put into foster care and officially adopted at 3.
By my Amazing Family who are my family in every way shape and form.
I am a oldest, youngest and middle kid all at the same time.

With just Levi and i as my biological mothers first children i am the oldest...
When i was adopted i became the youngest of four kids my parents adopted my oldet brothers (R)(28) and (J)(27) and my older sister (T) (26l) skipping down to me 20.
My oldest brother R. Had a kid (E) which he and his GF at the time were not taking care of and DHS was called and they asked my parents if we would be a placement for Her(E) and we were i was 14 at the time and E. Was 11 months.
We adopted E. Officially so by family relation she is my niece but by Adoption my sister and so i have sort of been bumped up to a middle kid.
So that is how i am a youngest, oldest, and middle kid at the same time.

I Graduated high school in 2012 at the age of 17 (yay class of 2012)
I was homeschooled my entire education by my mother who is Brilliant and extreamly patient for homeschooling all of her kids and will ne starting over again with E.(5) this year.
I owe alot to my mom... More than i could ever repay in any way.
I liked being homeschooled as i had more flexable time and i needed homeschooling as i was sick alot as a kid and would have missed to much school to pass in a public school setting.

I was in the hospital twice a year every year until i was about 12 because of breathing and kidney problems.
And when i was young doctors didn't know if i was going to make it...and there were times even a 6 year old me wasn't so sure eaither.
But obvously i'm still here and i'm healthy (by the grace of God)

I'm a Christian and my faith is really important to me... its whats carried me through, sickness, doubt, loss, depression, being suicidal, along with other things.
God is good. and he has a plan which i'm waiting and watching out for.

i'm not currently imployed but hopfully will be soon.
not currently in college....not currently sure i ever will be... guess we'll see where that goes.

so... i think thats all for now... if you guys have any questions for me just ask i won't mind :)