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2014-08-13 19:48:10 (UTC)

Great Wednesday

Well, I have three listings at the moment that are still
not under contract. All of them are good listings and
I have been hoping and working so hard to make it happen.

So, this week, I have an agent telling me she is preparing
an offer and I should receive it soon. So far, nothing.
Not sure what to think, but hoping they are just securing
financing...hope it happens by the end of the week.

My boss talked to a lady who lives a couple doors down
from a listing we have who wants to pay cash for it.
She wants to turn the laundry into a bath and is having
estimates done now before making an offer...

So, that is two out of the three with serious interest.

Then, this morning I get a call from an agent who lives
right up the road from me. He showed that last one this
morning. The one no one has shown interest in enough
to make an offer. So, he says he has a lady who wants
it, all cash, no closing cost help and he will be putting
it together for me soon.

MAN, if all three of them go under contract, I will have
enough money to make it through the rest of the year..
and I can make arrangements to have new tires put on
this ladies car who lost her husband last month. She has
been having a hard time, and that is what I have been
thinking about doing for her. I am so happy.

The rain has stopped. I took a ride to the realtor store
today. They had shopped me some material that I ordered
last week. I got it on Friday. But I got a couple things
that I did not order and I returned it today. I needed
to pick up some open house signs. Like my day could not
get any better, when I checked out, because I brought the
items back to them she gave me such a discount, it was
unbelievable. I picked up another Realtor ball cap.

When I was getting in my car, a lady pulled in beside of
me wearing a Realtor ball cap and her hair was cut
a little shorter than mine. I watched her get out
of her car and took notice of that cute hair cut
and how great it looked with that cap.

So, I feel that is a sign.

I am going shorter.

Then, at the store, I was picking up food to cook for
dinner tonight and was horrified when I read the cover
of the Enquirer that said John Travolta prefers men to
women. OMG! What a world we live in.

Sad......for his wife of 27 years.
Surely to God she had to know.

Anyway...not my problem....

my day is going great

and the sun is shining brightly