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2014-08-13 00:57:19 (UTC)

Waiting is not my best skill...

If waiting was a skill, it is not for me. I get so
worried waiting on the phone to ring when I am expecting
a deal to be coming through. What is taking so long?
Have they decided to back out? Did they lose their
loan? Have them found a better place to make an offer

Now, most agents will let us know what is up when there
is a delay. But some of them are so darn busy that they
do not have time to be concerned with being courteous.

I think now I will just stop telling my sellers when
an offer is coming in until I see it. Unless I am
asked to verbally negotiate. This way, they are not
disappointed when nothing comes of it. I am learning.

I am almost running out of money again. So, hoping to
have a offer on something to help prevent that. I hate
it when I have to dip into my savings. DAMN!

Made an appointment to go back to eye doctor. I am
practically blind in my left eye. I thought something
was wrong with my contact, but when I took them out
to put on glasses, it is just as bad. So, I need that
one changed. I hope he does not tell me that it is
so bad that I just can not wear a contact in it.

That is coming. I know it. But I was hoping not
this soon.

Still thinking about applying for SS. If I do I will
have to do it in Oct. to begin it in Dec. But I will
be limited to how much money I can make at that time.
So, I will be screwed to some degree, but more stable
in another. Sad.

But true.