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2014-08-12 18:15:20 (UTC)

Smoothing things out Tuesday

So, today, I had a talk with the boss. He told me that
the inspector called him this morning to discuss the
crazy woman from Wisconsin. He confirmed my thoughts on
her by saying that she was certainly certifiable. Which
I thought as well.

I got comforted by the boss when he said he would meet
the inspector Friday and pay him for his services if
he has not paid by then. We are not going to worry about
any of this. It is in the hands of the attorney now,
and if she wants to try to talk her double talk to him,
she will do that without us involved. So, we are moving
on to our next deal and leaving this worry behind us.

I ran some errands after talking to him and rode by
my BFFs house. Her car was not there, so I am assuming
she was at a doctors appointment. I am very concerned
about her. She should be on medical leave for a couple
weeks to get some rest for her back issue. Trying to
avoid surgery. I will be there for that girl no matter
what happens. I love her like a sister. She has always
had my back and I will have hers as well.

The rain is slowing down some here. I am hoping to see
sunshine this weekend so I can hold an open house. I
need to get people inside that house. I hate the zip
code does not locate it near the places most people
around here want to be. But that is a postal service
thing. Happens sometimes.

I put out fresh brochures today at two properties.
My phone is not ringing much these days which
concerns me a lot. The rain kept me from meeting
with the out of town seller who decided not to
come last weekend. I am hoping to hear from her
this weekend, but you never know. I really want
that listing. But I have reached out enough to her
it is her time to call me. If not, I am moving on
to other things.

Our Concord property has someone interested in it.
They want to pay cash too. OMG! That is remarkable.
This will really raise my spirits some.

Having a great boss is off the hook awesome. I am
a very lucky person. Both of us have had our share
of dealing with people recently who are out of touch.

Hoping this will change soon.