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2014-08-09 05:03:21 (UTC)


so i'm in the City with my mom for Women of Faith.
Got to see Building 429 in concert (Amazing)
and tomorrow we get to see Matthew West and i'm totally going to fangirl.
the speaking was about letting go of the sin we need to... and the difference between shame and Guilt and that hit me hard.

James is a Talking to me on FB right now trying to be sober again, trying to be clean again, and here i am again holding out a hand.
and this time i feel like i can lift both of us not just one.
i can't change him, i can't do this for him, he's got to get himself out of this hole.
i can be his friend and thats enough.
i'll pray that will be enough.

Theres so much else i feel like i need to say and since my diary was deleted i need to do some back story on myself but thats going to have to wait for another day.
peace peoples.