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2014-08-05 02:40:08 (UTC)

Starting over?

So... I've been using this sight for 4 years and today my diary of four years was somehow deleted from this sight not by me.
And i was/am very upset about it...upset enough to not know if i'm going to continue to use this sight.
I lost everything i'd written and i'm trying not to dwell to much on that cause it honestly makes me sick...litterally.
I guess those who read my stuff will still read my stuff even if i have to start over from scrstch...i still have the same name.
I can't believe this happened.... Its the cherry ontop of the end of a horrible week and the kick start of a new one...yay. Not.

Anyways i guess tomorrow i'll start over telling my storys and poasting like i was...
Uhhh i hate this!