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2014-05-27 14:18:54 (UTC)

keep talking 'cause I love to hear your voice.

I woke up today feeling pretty off. I spent the weekend at a small local festival, about 400 people. I'm now back to reality and I'm in this weird mind set where I'm not achieving anything.

Don't get me wrong, I'm achieving a lot at work and all I'm hearing is good things, how I'll soon be rising in the ranks so to speak. That's all great but it's not really helping me as a person.

After coming back from festing for 3 days, I'm almost tempted to quit my job. I guess this is normal, feeling like you never wanted to leave and you want to go back etc. I had a great time there with some great people.

Now I'm back to not doing anything except work during the week. It wouldn't even matter if I had you to come home to.

It's cold and I don't want to be here