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2014-02-22 18:44:51 (UTC)

Let the sky swallow me whole.

You were the first thing on my mind this morning, I decided to speak to you on whatsapp, apparently that got your attention. We talked for a bit, if you can call it talking. You then told me that I had changed, that you feel like you don't know me anymore.

I started tearing up. That's what KB said to me after she ruined my life. You then went on explaining how I've changed, how it's all about me and I'm egotistical, cocky etc.

It hurt even more because it's true and if she's seen this after spending about 6 days with me in the last 80, then I'd love to hear what other people think about me. Even though I don't think I'd actually give a fuck.

I wrote out my goodbye email which is saved ready to send. I don't know why I haven't sent it yet. I know she won't care, it's just a massive part of my life I'm turning my back on.

It feels like this is what I do. After shit goes wrong, I just turn my back and then spend the rest of my life thinking about it and feeling like shit over it.

It's hilarious that when this happened with KB, you can literally copy and paste how I feel, what happened and the out come of the actions taken.

You know I tried to find those things that we were missing, but we were never the same. I know it's me but I've been doing a lot of thinking and truthfully we both were wrong,