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2014-02-20 15:24:50 (UTC)

Everything in transit.

The way I feel is starting to interfere with my work. Who'd of thought that feeling like shit will make everything else go to shit. Tired of trying, caring, giving a shit.

I'm giving you till Sunday to get in touch with me, if you don't by Sunday then you're gone, my ex-fiancée, best friend removed from my life. I guess she's not really my best friend if I'm being honest, we've never been friends. I don't want to be her friend.

Not really sure what to expect next week, she'll be gone from my life and right now (well, a few weeks ago) she was all I had. I wish you'd talk to me. I can see myself going deeper and deeper into my head this weekend and you not talking to me. Please talk to me.

All your secrets beneath the sheets.