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2014-02-15 23:36:18 (UTC)

I'm in way too deep.

So I just found out that RV is engaged and pregnant. This is the girl I wish I broke up with my ex for and that I still have feelings for.

Obviously I didn't hear this from her. Hell, last time we met up she was drinking beer and I'm pretty fucking sure she wasn't wearing a ring, although I don't even remember when she last came down.

It's a good job this hasn't hit me fucking hard. Didn't really want to cut or get stoned tonight, but I guess that's what I'll be doing.

Oh yeah, not to mention my actual ex, SB, she hasn't spoke to me in 2 weeks, fuck knows why, what a great start to the fucking new year.

And all I have is meaningless and all I found is nothingness.