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2013-10-16 04:07:44 (UTC)

When I'm gone, you need love.

I rang you on the walk to work today. We talked a bit about bullshit and I asked you if your friend had questioned you about me staying the night at yours.

You then started saying that it was a good job we didn't sleep together, that it would of ruined our friendship, I disagreed and you went on to say 'we don't feel that way about each other anymore' just like last time.

I know you, you're saying that because you want to know how I feel, and twice now I've agreed with you but haven't really made it clear.

As soon as we said bye I wanted to ring you back and tell you that I was lying, that I've lied everytime you've said that to me, that I was hoping we'd be sharing a bed and that I still want you. I need to tell you that I miss you, I miss us and that I still feel for you.

I'll ring you before work, I need you to know how I feel, I need to know how you feel. I just hope it doesn't feel like last time, like it feels everytime.

If I could turn back time.