2013-08-20 07:47:29 (UTC)

Sex with Danny

I did it again. Danny is the second man for me to ever have sex with.
He was a big man. Especially for me. I'm 4'11'' and he's 6 foot tall. His dick was a bit bigger than Marcus' but not too much. His dick was definitely fatter.

But before I get to THE sex, let me fill you in. He lives out in Cicero and I was in Joliet, so my sisnlaw dropped me off there. We hung out and stuff with his two boys and my boy. After my little one was asleep, I could let myself "let loose", so we drank beer and smoked weed. He hands me the joint and says just take only two hits and that's it. So I do as he says. I pass the joint back to him and after about 5 minutes, I felt so high and free. He then told me, "You know what you just smoked? PCP." To myself, I thought, WTF? Why would he have me smoke PCP without telling me first? Either way, I made the best of the situation and went with the flow because that's my nature.

After a while, he cousin came home on some whacked shit and had a bitch-fit. And after all that settled, we settled into bed. My little boy was still asleep soundly. So I went with the flow here. He was already in his bed and when I went to lie down next to him, with full intention to just fall asleep, he was naked under the covers and insisted that I take my clothes off too. I said no. I didn't want to take my clothes off. This was the first time I've ever stayed at his house. He kept trying to force his hands between my legs and under my shirt. I clenched my knees tight together and crossed my arms tightly over my breasts. I kept saying, "No. I can't." He pulled my shorts and panties off, he unhooked my bra and pulled my shirt off over my head; in a matter of 2 minutes, I was completely naked lying next to a naked Danny in Danny's bed. He got his hand and squeezed them in between my knees and legs telling me, "Relax, you'll like it. It'll be okay." He felt around and inside my vagina with his hands and fingers. "Mmmmm! You're wet. I like that." (In truth, I'm a 21 year old female who hasn't had sex in a year, of course I'd be wet. I'm ready to go. No lube required!) I still resisted because, for some reason, I didn't want to give myself up so easily. He sucked on my nipples and roused me so. I loved it when he played with my nipples with his mouth. It was wonderful. So sensual and relaxing was the foreplay. My knee's grasp loosened and he proceed to go down on me. The oral sex was amazing. He used his whole mouth and tongue. It almost felt like he was making out with my vagina and it felt absolutely AMAZING! It was sooo much better than how Marcus would go down on me. He massaged my clitoris with his tongue and even stuck his tongue in and out of my vagina. That was toe-curling.

After the foreplay, I succumbed to his irresistible and alluring temptation. He lied on his back. His entire body, from head to toe, covered the length of the bed. He is a big man. I am a tiny lady. So I climbed up and mounted on top of him. I took his penis by the base and stuck the tip in my vagina and slowly sat further down on his penis. It sent electricity up my chest and down my legs. His skin against mine. Since I was wet, I felt our skin slide yet resisting due to the combination of him being big and me being tight. It was amazing. The closest comparison I could make to it, is like putting on a brand new pair of new tight snow-white socks. I used my legs and arms to push up and down on him and when he was finally all the way in, I used my kegel muscles to squeeze his penis even tighter inside of me. His eyes rolled and he sighed in a low voice. This went on for about 30 minutes. I cummed. And cummed. And cummed!

After that, I was definitely in the mood and completely wound up in the moment. I had him lie down and I spread his legs, bent his knees up and cradled his entire pelvis while I deepthroated his penis. While him still being in that position, I got up on my knees for support and with both hands, gave him a slurppy blowjob/handjob. I sucked, I slurped, I twisted my tongue all around the shaft and head of his dick. I drooled on his penis and made it that much more slipperier. And with both hands, squeezed and rubbed up and down vigorously while my mouth took it's own control. I felt the big vein under his penis pulsate harder and harder and it caught my interest. So I massaged my tongue up and down that vein and then I licked his balls and got them all wet. I sucked one in my mouth like jell-o and massaged it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth while sucking on it. I felt all the textures and enjoyed it with my eyes closed. After I did the same to his other ball, I licked his gootch. I massaged and sucked on that too. I enjoyed every minute of it. My performance was so self-engulfing, I didn't stop to see Danny's reaction to this. So when I snapped out of it and lifted my head up and looked at him, he had his head leaned back and looked up across the bed at me and stared at me like he met me for the first time in his life. He got on top and easily picked me up and flipped me all sorts of ways as he fucked and pounded me in all sorts of positions. It was wonderful and I loved it. I loved being dominated and grabbed firmly as I was being thrusted in and out of. He got faster and faster! It felt like my body was tingling with electricity and static all over! He pulled out and cummed all over my thighs. after I got cleaned up, we went to sleep.

The next day, he told me that was best blowjob he's ever had in his 32 years of life. I asked, "So, In comparison to other pussies, how was mine?" He said,"Your pussy is so damn tight and just beautiful. Your pussy lips are perfect. I wouldn't change a thing with your pussy."