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2012-11-07 06:08:39 (UTC)

New Beginnings.

So I called you last night before I went to a gig, it was a friends first gig in his new band which sounded amazing even if there were a few problems. The first song the rhythm guitarist had no sound going through his monitor, amazing. Then on the third song there was a power outage, yet the drummer and my mate, who plays lead/sings kept going even though we couldn't really hear him. But ignoring the technical issues, amazing.

I asked if I could see you on thursday to talk things through and basically see if we could work out seeing as we both love each other and don't want to lose each other. You said it was too soon, who'd of thought that apparently trying to get back with someone after you broke up 4 days prior was too soon.

I then suggested we didn't make contact until you're back in lincoln, december the 4th. I guess i've delt with the break up okay ignoring the first few nights because in my head I was going to see you on thursday and everything was going to slot together and we'd be back together and happy.

She called it false hope, which it was, it was just the way I could deal with it and actually get a goodnight sleep. Now I feel like i'm back at square one, going through the motions all over again. I miss you.

Did you wanna listen? You took the world with you. So what is left, what is left for me?