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2012-05-20 00:44:55 (UTC)


In 1964 Susan Tomalin(1946- ) began dating actor Chris Sarandon while both were in college. In that same year, 1964, I started my 2nd year of college in an honours history and philosophy course in Hamilton Ontario. Tomalin became Sarandon when she married on 16 September 1967. I married four weeks before Sarandon after dating a girl whom I started dating while I was in my last year at college.

Following Sarandon’s separation in 1978, she gave an interview to Cosmopolitan magazine in which she stated: "I no longer believe in marriage." She divorced in 1979. I divorced a little earlier in 1975 and, by 1979, I had been remarried for four years. I still believed in marriage as an institution; this was due to my Baha’i belief. I had been a member of the Baha’i Faith since 1959 and associated with it since 1953 when my mother joined this newest of the Abrahamic religions.

I had remarried in 1975 while teaching in Melbourne Australia, and am still married to the same person. Sarandon went on to find a partner and had the same partner from 1988 to 2009—the famous Tim Robbins. At the time Robbins said he was going through a mid-life crisis.

This afternoon, 12 May 2012, I watched Sarandon in the film Anywhere But Here which debuted the same week I took a sea-change and retired at the age of 55. The film debuted at the Toronto Film Festival on 17 September 1999. the very week I arrived in Australia’s oldest town for the sea-change that I am still enjoying. Sarandon is still going strong at the age of 65.

I have become a writer and author, poet and publisher, researcher and online journalist after 32 years in the classroom as a teacher and another 18 as a student. Sarandon is famous and rich and I am neither.-Ron Price with thanks to Wikipedia, 12 May 2012.

You’ve been in the movies
during my teaching years:
1969-2005 & my years as
a writer and author, poet
and publisher….You are a
source of pleasure for the
eyes, Susan, and for that I
thank you as I go through
these middle years(65-75)
of my late adulthood(60-80)
and old-age if I last that long.

So: take care of yourself, Susan,
as you run-the-gauntlet in your
last years and you continue to
entertain millions in your many
roles on TV and in the cinemas!

Our religion & politics were and
are far different…….I have never
had Catholic convictions or those
that are left-liberal, but that is no
reason for not enjoying you and
your many talents as an actress
in these 40 years: “goodonyer,”
as Aussies say in Downunderland.1

1 Sarandon has spent much of her time tenaciously promoting myriad causes that are far too numerous to list comprehensively, but which include Conservation International, the Hunger Project and the Paediatric Aids Foundation. As well as donating money, she speaks out at every opportunity she can, sometimes alienating sections of American opinion. She does not try to keep her house tidy. For more on aspects of her life go to:

I, on the other hand, have tenaciously promoted several causes, the main one being the Baha'i Faith which I believe has been, and will be even moreso, a major influence in the cause of peace and harmony, unity and reconciliation in the decades, even centuries, ahead. I also, on the other hand, keep my house very tidy following the example of my second-wife. We are always ready should the Queen drop in at short notice.

Ron Price
12/5/'12 to 31/12/'12