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2012-05-20 00:43:28 (UTC)


Not so epically egregious…..

I wish you well, Amelia Fox(1974- ), in the remaining two years of your young adulthood(1994-2014), your middle age(2014-2034) and late adulthood(2034-54)---as well as old-age(2054- ), if you last that long. There is, of course, no reason why you should not last barring some particularly bad hit from those slings and arrows which you must avoid, especially if they fall into the category of severely outrageous fortune.

After a student-working life of half a century myself, 1949-1999, during which I had my share of the fantasy-erotic, you came into my life as your career unfolded in the final years of my own career(1996-2004) and the first years of my full retirement from FT, PT and most casual and volunteer work: 2005 to 2012. I was able to continue that romantic fantasy with the erotic thanks to you and to many others who fill the electronic media these days. I'm sure you have served this role well, Amelia,for millions of men. Good luck to you, dear Amelia, as you continue your own checkered romantic-erotic life.

I wrote the above after watching Amelia Fox: (i) in Consuming Passion, a 2008 British drama which celebrated the centenary of the publishing house Mills and Boon,(1) and (ii) in many episodes of Silent Witness.-Ron Price with thanks to (1) ABC2TV, 12:30-2:00 a.m., 27/3/’12.

Love and lust, fascination
with the erotic--hormones:
testosterone and dopamine,
the basis of attachment with
oxitosin running meaning’s
show, one’s cosmology, and
partly, along with this new
world religion, as was the(1)
case with me, Amelia, while....

....all-along the line I’ve
had to deal with my natural
inclinations and an immense
industry of pornography, to
be free from enslavement, &
have self-control, refinement
as well as handle what some
might call--the trip--that
exquisitely idiosyncratic &
long trip that is my life,
with no manual or cookbook
to deal with all the many
problems, those slings and
arrows that come one’s way!

(1) Even with the guidelines of this new religion, the Baha’i Faith, dealing with life’s treasures and helping me exercise an appropriate self-control over my impulsiveness has not been easy. I learned over the decades that there is much more to religious life than piety, prayer and meetings. I’ve learned, too, that “one’s imperfections are not so epically egregious as to embarrass the seraphim ruefully yawning at their mention.”(Roger White, “Lines from a Battlefield,” Another Song Another Season, George Ronald, Oxford, 1979, p.111.

Ron Price
27/3/'12 to 31/12/'12.
Final draft