The Adventures of Bertie Elfkins
2012-02-17 20:11:25 (UTC)

Hi and sorry

Hi all,

I'm so sorry I havent been on here in such a long time. So much has happened.

As per my last message on here, the Watson family had a house fire on November 17th 2011, they were moved from their house due to the smoke damage and spent over 3weeks living in a hotel. This meant that I went and visited them in the hotel until they were able to move back home.

The hotel staff were very nice and friendly, none of them saw me sneaking in on the night of December 1st, even though I was armed with advent calendars and decorations!!! Nor did they see me moving between the 2 rooms the family had.

I brought the boys the game "wii wish you a merry christmas" and I was sat playing on it when they got back from school. I made a giant snowman on the floor from pillows and white fluffy "hotel towels" and bits and bobs belonging to the family - socks for buttons, baby bottle lids for eyes, one of boys hats etc. I sat colouring in mini xmas colouring books and I wrote xmas cards for my elf friends.

Just into the 2nd week of December the families house had been cleaned of smoke and they were able to return home. I put up and decorated the xmas tree - with pants and nappies!!! HeHeHe! Well I had heard that mum had NEW decorations, but apparently these were NOT them - mum left me the new decorations out and asked me to re-do the tree, which I did. I then got called back to Santa and the boys thought it was because I had been naughty BUT santa had Merry and Jingle-Jangle waiting for me, as the family were home they could come and visit. We had lots of fun and got upto lots of things, including turning the milk green, making cakes, and trying to teach the cat and dogs to fly!

Sadly there was no snow over xmas at all. BUT at the end of January the nole pole weather team told me that where the family live had over 4inches of snow, so me and Merry made a quick visit, we took lots of photos and built a giant snowman on the sledge and left it in the lounge! (by all accounts it had melted by morning but the boys saw the photos) and we made mini snow versions of ourselves in the garden and again took photos. The kids thought it was great.

A few of my elf friends made a visit for valentines day, but I didnt.

Bye for now.

Bertie. xxx