Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2012-02-13 18:38:08 (UTC)


When I said I love you, that meant forever
But love is never enough
So walking away I vowed to never look back
Leaving my past I chose to close my eyes
And say goodbye to all that had defined
Moving away broke my heart,
But I needed to get on with my life
Over the years I still dream of you
Wonder what your life is like
Are you happy? Do you have kids?
I wish you well, I wish you love,
I wish for you all the wonders of the world
And a love that you will be able to rely on
Do I want you back? Not really.
I have found my place, my love, my life
But the love I had for you will never die.
You were my first teacher, my protector,
my first love, my first and only heartbreak
With you I learned to love and I learned to walk away
Making choices based on necessity
Tearing my own heart out in order to get on with my life
I am sorry for the hurts I may have caused in my anger
I'm sorry for the anger and the pain that we had in the end.
When I said I love you I meant I would love you forever.