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2011-06-09 03:27:46 (UTC)

Really pissed right now

It has been a crappy day...plain and simple. I have been run ragged, PCTs were too busy to be of much assistance. Between my patients and helping others' patients, in between admitting post ops and so many other fun things, I was relieved when the end of my shift came and I was able to stop, go over my day, and tie up loose ends.
As if the day was not enough fun as things were, one of the PCTs had the nerve to complain that "someone else can answer that call light. I have other things I have to do" with a nasty attitude when the charge nurse asked her to please answer a call light.
Well, I was passing by when I heard that comment. I should have minded my own business, but by that time I was pretty fed up. I had been answering all six rooms in that hallway all shift long (only 3 of them mine), had seen the other nurse also answering call lights, had changed beds, and many other things so that my meds were even late! And then this PCT has the nerve to say this?
I had to stop and let the charge nurse know that, contrary to what the PCT seemed to believe, we nurses down that hall had been answering call lights all shift long and attempted not to bother the PCT unless absolutely necessary. Good grief! The day was not bad enough that this PCT had the effrontery to act as if she had been doing it all???
I saw her twice between 0700 and 1200h!!! Both times she was doing blood sugars for one of my patients!
Then I come home. Hubby was wonderful, letting me get comfy and all...all was going well...
Stupid me. I decided to ask him to give me a phrase that was bugging the junk out of me. I forgot he feels obliged to start at "A" and continue all the way to "Z" to explain things...EVEN WHEN I ASK HIM TO PLEASE JUST TELL ME THE BOTTOM LINE.
It broke out into a huge argument. After 10, almost 11, years, he still feels that if I ask him something he must explain it to me from the ground up. I told him...PLEASE...just tell me what the saying is...
It was a stupid argument, but all I wanted was the bottom explanations, just the bottom that too much to ask for? I am so sick of apologizing for needing to get information in a manner that I can understand when I am tired :(