Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2011-05-06 17:40:42 (UTC)

Waiting for the Morrow

Waiting for the morrow
When all the pain will fade away
When the dawn of a new day
Will clear this pain away

When the light begins to dawn
It will dry away the tears
Upon the coming morrow
Pain and tears will fade
Shriveled up by the lightening skies
On that lovely, glowing day

My hopes, my dreams, my drowning soul
My joys and my beliefs
They all await the morrow
Knowing that upon that glowing day
They will once again renew their strength
For I know that the morrow always comes
No matter that today has been so fierce

The morrow will bring newness,
Its dew will wash away the past
It will be a joyous morrow
If not tomorrow, then the one to follow will

I will survive till each new morrow
Until the right one doth appear
And in its light the past will fade
It will shrivel and fade away
And I, a newborn swan,
Will step out of my old raiment…
With head held high and spine erect
I will walk away and disappear into the new day.