The Adventures of Bertie Elfkins
2011-01-03 13:41:39 (UTC)

It's 2011


The last few days of visiting were mad.

The boys liked our music cd. It snowed loads and they built a giant
snowman, some nasty person kicked its head off so me and Merry moved
it through the house on the sledge to the back garden. We covered the lounge door with wrapping paper so the kids had to burst through it!!!

We went back with Santa on Christmas eve, and we all had a lovely
party on Christmas day, lots of food and drink. (I'm also another
year older!)

On boxing day most of us Elves went with Santa for a few days
vacation and we arrived back on Jan 1st.


ITS 2011!!! HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!

I hope its a good 1 for you all. Us Elves are now busy making plans
and preperations for the new toys and gifts we have to make for this

Get your requests in early so your not dissapointed.

Bertie. x