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2010-12-29 02:11:23 (UTC)


I do not know what should I do to make my life better. I do not want to
live the life I am living or I lived. I want to be happy, but these
conditions can not make me happy.They have no heart for me. I just do
not want to live like this. I am not against drinking as long long
everybody enjoy the drink, but here the case is different. They just
want their way, never my way. At last I comprise with drinking, but they
still did not change. Always make fun of me and my maternal family. O
universe show me the way, which way should I go for. So I can end my
miserable life once for all. I want to change my life, so I can make
difference in so many people's lives. If I move from this house, I will
donate my services to the people who want to make change in their live.

Thank you universe to help me and listening to me.