The Adventures of Bertie Elfkins
2010-12-11 19:46:01 (UTC)

Back dates


We wrote Christmas cards to other visiting Elves and asked mum to
post them for us, which she did. And we have received cards from
Elves as well.

9th - We all went to different places, Merry found a pen and drew
all over the mirror, Jingle-Jangle turned the toilet water green!
and I went fishing in the tank.

10th - We went camping outdoors under the stars in the snow! It was
just like home. We wrote on the mirror in mums lipstick "gone
camping, see you tomorrow". Mum was abit cross and we had to get
her a new lipstick.

11th - We left the boys a game called candyland, the cat even tried
to play and was hitting pieces around the floor.

Bertie. x