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2010-12-08 14:09:56 (UTC)

Sensitive it\'s true.

I sent you a letter tonight. It basically said I can't talk to you, and that I'll never beable
to talk to you because I still love you. So we're done, I once again deleted your
number and everything related to you I still had on my phone.

I must of been feeling pretty good about that, 'cause I then sent my ex the same type
of message. Which she replied with a confusing but bit by fuck you attitude. Few text
later and she told me she still loves me, but she broke up with me to save me because
she cared so much she didn't want to hurt me. Then she told me to stay the fuck away
from me and to remove her from my life... After telling me she still loves me... What?

I tried to understand that logic and the only thing I could think of is that's pretty much
all you hear from two of my friends. One second they're together, the next they're not
etc etc. I'm sorry but why tell me to remove myself from your life after telling me you
still love me.

To make matters worse I'm meeting my current gf's two best mates today. They Ouns
pretty fit which I'm sure'll go down well. The problem is I don't even know how I feel
about her, I'm so fucked up on my own I didn't want to spend time on my own and
figured fuck it. Urgh, so confusing.

Alligator tears cried over you.