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2010-12-04 09:01:32 (UTC)

I feel you in my heart and I don\'t even know you.

Thursday night, 2nd of December, me and Helen had our first kiss. We ended up
snuggling and just kinda holding each other while we talked for a bit, and then we
started getting pretty heated. I felt okay with her, but I really like this girl, and I really
don't want to just sleep with her and disappear.

We ended up leaving hers at like half 11 to go to a pub where I was meant to be
meeting everyone at half 8. Half an hour later and we're at a mates house with a bottle
of jd and about 20 cans between us. By the time the bottle of jd was drank and the
cans were started I was already a bit drunk.

Helen and I were sat on my friends bed which was in the corner, me on the corner
side and her sat next to my friend in the middle. There was a few other peoe but yeah.
So as we're sitting there she had her hand on my thigh, and pretty much started
rubbing me through my jeans. But this didn't really stop or slow down. Infact it got
more and more intimate the more we drank.

Few cans later or whatever and it was just 4 left. We ended up in the kitchen making a
cup of tea while the other two (probably my best mates) guys were talking in the front
room, next thing I know we're in the bathroom and I'm pushing her against the door
telling her "shh" while she starts to moan.

We finally left my mates house at 10 am. There's me with 3 hours sleep the night
before, pretty drunk and realising that this girl is really worth the chase.

What if you could go back in time, and take all those hours of pain and darkness and
replace them with something better?