The Adventures of Bertie Elfkins
2010-12-03 19:34:56 (UTC)

What's in an outfit????


This morning after the boys had gone to school and mum and dad took
the baby out I took Merry on a quick tour of the house, when we
heard the 'umans' come back in the door we had to hide very
quickly. I ended up in the eldest boys wardrobe sitting on the face
of a ghost mask and Merry was in a devils cape and hat.

However, we did realise that the boys liked dressing up in outfits
which gave us an idea. We managed to magic some dressing up clothes
in our size and we are going to wear them tonight - we have taken a
Christmas present from each of the boys (hope mum doesnt mind) but
we are going to leave them for them tomorrow.

I think we are going to dress up some of the toys as well!!! We
will see how many outfits we have.

Bertie. x