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2010-12-02 04:44:38 (UTC)

You\'re so amazing, so amazing to me.

So last week a mate introduced me to some bird, we hit it off pretty
well. Worked the weekend so we didn't really get to hang out. It
started snowing on friday night, which was a bit shit as I just went
back to work after two weeks off and I fucking love the snow!

Anyway, more to the point of why i'm writing right now, so we had a
really good night thursday, the day after we met, worked the weekend
so I didn't see her, monday she bailed which puts us to tues!
Basically she bailed on me there too as she doesn't like the snow,
but I went to hers for a few hours and chilled with her and things
were golden.

Flirty intimate text after another, on tuesday night and things are
still pretty golden, ended up making a massive snow cock with mates
which was awesome, haha. Got home 8am, decided we'd all go out
sledding, drinking and just make a really good night of it. So most
of us met up at 5pm, everyone else caught up with us later, more like

Anyway, we're at this really big park now, few bottles later a few of
us were fucked, and we had all moved from where we started to the top
of this place which was pretty much all down hill from there. So me
and a mate decided to go back and get this thing we were using for
sledding as we moved up hill and couldn't be bother to carry it at
the time. Get back and everyone but one person had bailed and gone to
some pub, fair enough it took us ages as we were fucked but still.

So he's all telling us where everyone's gone as a few other people
joined so he waited with them. We go to this place everyone's gone
top of town and I give this bird a ring and she's all "we've bailed
and gone to the brewer, come meet us" which is like, 20 min walk from
where we were due to snow.

So now i'm all just like, right wtf, so we get to the first place, I
call her again and after 10 seconds of conversation she's just
like "you're starting to piss me off now" and hung up... Which again
is just wtf?

Tonight i've promised myself i'm not going to be fucked around by
this girl like I was with my ex. I'm not going to chase her like I
did my ex and i'm certainly not going to let her take me for granted
and walk the fuck all over me, like my ex.

I've drank far too much and i'm over thinking far too much, but on a
side note this is the most snow i've ever seen around me. Fair enough
on tv or wtv i've seen worse, but this is the most i've actually had
to play with! I fucking love it, i'm praying to be snowed in over the
weekend, or atleast that the buses aren't active, that'll make my day.

I know i'm not the only one that needs you like I do, and I know i'm
not the only one that loves you like I do.