The Adventures of Bertie Elfkins
2010-11-24 14:01:16 (UTC)

It's nearly time.....


Its nearly time for me to pack my bag and leave the North Pole to go
and stay with my family again. 7days until we go.

Most of the toys are made, the few that arent quite finished will be
done by the Elves that stay at the North Pole, but will all be ready
by Christmas eve.

Due to earlier problems, I gave up my nights off to help out in the
passport office. I have a couple more days of helping out in the
passport office to get the last batch sorted for visiting Elves -
there have been so many problems, with Elves going sick, running out
of ink, the machine broke down and Elves sending incomplete forms!

My best friend Jingle-Jangle says that the stitching room Elves have
almost finished all the stockings as well.

So it looks as though everything is running smoothly and to plan.

Bertie. x