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2010-11-18 00:57:26 (UTC)

Deviate my life.

So you got in touch with me, you haven't said it but I know you have
a bf, I know you're happy with him and you're happy without me.

I saw Suz out tonight too, she seemed happy. I don't get how people
are just, so happy after things happen. Or more to the point why i'm
so fucked up over things for so long. I don't care about me and Suz,
i'm not bothered we've broke up, but then I get like this and it's
just, wtf?

Maybe it's seeing everyone cope so well around me that fucks me up
even worse, I guess I was atleast expecting Suz to be a bit fucked
up over our break up. It appears she doens't even give a shit, and I
honestly bet she doesn't either. I fucking hate this. I hate the way
I feel about things, the way I let stupid things take control of my
life, how fucking down I get.

Inside this empty room, I cannot find myself.