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2010-11-16 02:29:31 (UTC)

I stand alone in time.

It feels weird, in one respect I'm relieved, but in another I'm on the edge of my seat in
anticipation. I got in touch with you today, I haven't heard anything back, and to be
honest I don't think I will. If I do it'll probably be 'stay the fuck away from me'. Yet with
that said, just trying to get back in touch with you has some how calmed me? I feel
better in myself just for trying to get in touch with you.

On a side note, i've more tattoos since I last talked about my tattoos. I actually have a
lot more since the last time haha. I think the last time I was either taking about my first
one, or maybe something on my arm. Well I've just sat through (over the past month)
a few sessions on my right ribs, and just last week I finally got my knuckles done. I
have more booked in over the next few months but I'm hoping to have all my work
touched up and 100% complete by may next year. Most of my work is done and
complete, but there's a few bits and a few gaps that news finishing or touching up.
Hopefully by that time I'll just be heading abroad again for the first holiday of next year.

I know I'm in a really stupid place where my head and heart is concerned, but
hopefully by then I'll be in another relationship too. I know I'm fucked up over my ex
but it all seems so much worse when I'm on my own, I get so mug more depressed
and down when I don't have someone to go home to. It's probably unfair to whoever
I'm seeing but it helps, I stopped thinking about you every day when I was with Suz.

Open your lungs, follow me down.