The Adventures of Bertie Elfkins
2010-11-10 18:29:11 (UTC)


Hi everyone,

I've not been on here much as me and all the other Elves have been very
busy making toys and playing games and catching up on facebook!

My best buddy - Jingle-Jangle got a new jumper this year, its
really nice, and he managed to get the Elves to make me a similar
one. Its cream, has a reindeer and 2 Christmas trees on it and its
lovely and warm.

I think I have everything ready to go and visit my family, I have
chocolates, a game, 2 dvds (hoping to get 2 more as well), some
craft kits and a couple of gifts.

I am also taking an "Elf-in-training" with me this year, so she can
learn what us visiting Elves get up to. Her name is Merry Sugarsocks, she has only just finished Elf school.

Bertie x