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2010-11-08 23:35:47 (UTC)

What a Day Nov.7/2010

I did get days like this all my life in Canada but nothing like this. No
body understand me except that blaming me for everything. Why did I
asked the Universe that I want to have this kind of experience in my
this life. I been told good actor. They are going to feel sorry to me,
but the thing is this that if they are not excepting that they were
wrong why do they have to say sorry to me. They should settle with me
and let me go. This way they will be happy and I will get over anyway.
What is the use of living together this kind of life. Oh Universe I am
begging you to make my this life happy, healthy, wealthy and wise, if
you can not do it take me back, I do not want to live like this anymore.
Show me the way, which way I should be going and doing. I know that
nothing if impossible for you.You can do it.

Thanking you.