Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2010-11-08 03:42:11 (UTC)

Random thought processes

Sometimes I sit here wondering why God allows so much hate and pain
and despair. Why must children suffer? Why is rape allowed? Why does
man kill man and hurt and torture and cause so much havoc in this
world? I read the news about the Balkans and the small wars in Africa
and all the instances of genocide and mass rapes and then I look at
the Medecins Sans Frontiers pamphlets that are sent to me and I cannot
help but hurt inside and wish that things were different. I read the
news and sorrow for the masses and then I wish I did not read the news
or listen, but then I would just be a coward. To not read the news
would be to hide from the horror that is our world…to be an ostrich.
if I can look at the sky and marvel at its beauty in the first hours
of the dawn when all is softness and light then I must also look upon
the moral decay and the ugliness that we add to our world and know
that in all the universe that we know only man can make an ugliness so
encompassing that the whole world is colored in sorrow at its
inception. To do anything less would be cowardly and how could I then
face myself if I only chose to acknowledge the good in this world and
avoid the ugliness? By the same token, it is hard to know so much
ugliness is going on and to know that I am safe and protected in my
life by those that love me and surround me...somehow tonight the
sorrow of these thoughts percolate through my mind as I sit here
quietly reflecting on so many things that run through my mind.
Sometimes I think I should think a little less.