The Adventures of Bertie Elfkins
2010-10-20 19:13:07 (UTC)

Hello friends - updated with 2008 blog

Hello friends,

I'm not 100% sure what happened to my website and journal from the
past 2 years with the Watson family but by magic it has disappeared.
I am guessing it could be 1 of Santa's non-visiting elves who was
jealous of my fun and adventures.

When I realised it had gone I asked the family if they could help
make me a new website as I really havent got time to do it myself
with sorting out the last preperations ready to go visiting on
December 1st.

Please stop by again to check on my adventures.

Bertie xxx

PS. thanks to the family for helping to make my new journal and
website. x


BERTIE'S blog from 2008 has been found -

December 1st 2008


I have arrived safely. It was a very cold journey, the thing is it's not the "snowy cold" I am used to but a chilly windy cold. The magic powder started to wear off as I approached the Road where the family live, but luckily the neighbours were all asleep so no-1 saw me.

The house seems very big and cosy, not as big as the house in Canada but then that did have 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms a double garage and it's own tennis court! I think I am going to like it here. The family have 2 small dogs which seem friendly BUT i'm not going to get too close just incase. They also have a very big cat. He is the same size as the dogs, and seems to be incharge. There is also a tank in the kitchen, I dont know whats in it as its too high for me to see in, but I will go and investiagte b4 I leave. You never know it may be new friends for me.

Santa asked me to bring the boys an advent calender each which I have done. I have put them on the settee next to me and my passport and journal.


When the boys got up and saw me their little faces were a picture. Unfortunately I didnt know where the family camera was and even if I had, I cant post pictures of the children on my blog. The little 1 that asked for me was so supprised I thought he was going to cry. They are both really cute - the little 1 has lovely blonde curls and the face of a cherub (I think he may be mischief though) and the bigger 1 has straight blonde hair and blue eyes (he will break a few hearts when older!)

They read my message in my journal, opened their advent calenders and were told they had to put me in my sleeping bag "under the christmas tree"....... the boys were upset and said that they didnt have the christmas tree up. They're mum said to put me over near the TV. They did this and sat for breakfast and then got ready for school. I had a plan.

The boys went to school, their dad went to work and mum went shopping..... I went and found where they keep all the christmas decorations and got them down. I put up the tree and decorations for them. The thing was I got a bit excited and slipped from the top of the tree and was hanging upside down in the tree with baubles in my arms.


December 2nd 2008

The boys left me a short thank-you note in my journal yesterday for putting up the tree, thats really nice of them.

Today I found some christmas colouring pictures, I did 1 myself and left them some to do as well. After I had finished colouring I left them a note saying that I had gone exploring the house and I would leave them clues in my book as to where I was hiding. The clues I gave them were:

1) I'm in a room downstairs.

2) The place reminds me of my home.

3) It's very cold.

They did find me, I was sat in the freezer. Their 1st guess was the fridge.


December 3rd 2008

Santa contacted me during the night to say that the eldest boy had asked if he could adopt a reindeer for christmas. Santa said that if I dont think the family will mind he can send Rudolph to stay for a few days at the end of the week. I will have to go and meet him though and he has to return at the end of the weekend so that he can rest etc b4 christmas eve and pulling the sleigh.

Rudolph left me a message in my journal asking if I could go and meet him, I replied telling him that would be fine and that I would leave the boys a treat as I wouldnt be here in the morning.


December 4th 2008

I climbed up high and sat amongst the ceiling light. I left a note saying "I am sat up high watching you". It was abit scary up there as the light is only thin, not much for support. Well the boys found me and whilst they went to school I moved. I crawled across the rope lights and re-positioned myself on the bar that supports the curtains. It took the boys ages to find me.

Before they went to bed I managed to write a note to them saying that I had left something in my stocking for them and that I had gone to meet Rudolph. We hope that we will be back b4 you go to bed tomorrow evening.


December 5th 2008

Me and Rudolph got caught in the rain, it was horrible. I did leave the boys a message saying that I could still see them even though I wasnt at their house. They seemed to enjoy the chocolate elves that I left for them - they didnt even save me a crumb!

The boys were out when we got back, but they arrived home shortly afterwards. They were really excited to see me and Rudolph, but had to go to bed.


December 6th 2008

The boys left us under the tree on top of my sleeping bag. We caught up on some sleep but during the night we sneaked upstairs and started playing with the toys - I liked the trains and Rudolph liked the turtle van.

December 7th 2008

Last night was brilliant! Some of the toys we made friends with the night b4 came downstairs and joined us in a party! The boys mum wasnt too happy, but she has said she wont tell Santa this time as long as I make it up to her.

We did try and wake the boys so that they could come and join us but they slept on, so we partied without them.

Bart was incharge of the music, Rudolph was responsible for the party poppers and a great time was had by all!


December 8th 2008

Rudolph left last night to go back to the north pole so he can rest for a few days before pulling santas sleigh on christmas eve. he left the boys a chocolate elf each. I felt really bad about upsetting "mum" with the party and bought her a bag of chocolate minstrels.

The boys are off school ill (1 keeps being sick! YUK!) so I Have got to stay in my sleeping bag as I dont want to catch it. I think I am going to escape the lounge without them seeing and go see what's in the tank in the kitchen!

UPDATE December 8th

I didnt get as far as finding out what was/is in the tank in the kitchen, I think its a snake! The reason for this is the boys decided to be very naughty and started fighting. They wouldnt listen to either their mum or dad and got sent to bed! I took this chance to go and report back to Santa about what they were doing. Santa has said that IF they are good tomorrow then I can return to the family b4 the boys go to bed tomorrow night. I am hoping that they are good as I cant wait to get back and see them. They do seem like really nice good kids, I just dont know what got into them today. It is nice to be back at the North Pole even if its only for a few hours. I think I may bring some snow back with me.



December 9th 2008

Well I am about to leave the North Pole and return to the boys. They seem to have been good at school and Santa hasn't said I cant go back. I think I will take them a nice DVD of ELF! speak soon. Bye. xxx

UPDATE December 9th

I am back at the house, I decided not to give them ELF on DVD but an elf mask to make. IF they are good they can have the DVD later in the week. I put my sleeping bag under the tree and went to see what was in the tank in the kitchen....... It wasn't a snake as I thought but 2 lovely little tortoises. Sadly I couldnt play with them as they were hibernating. But I did sit and watch them until the boys found me.

The boys are sat colouring the masks in as I type this. I'm not sure if they will get them done b4 bed tonight or if they will have to finish them tomorrow.

I couldn't find any containers at the North Pole so I couldnt bring any snow back with me. I will wish hard and hopefully Jingle can send some to me.



I didnt do anything but sleep today, this travelling back and forth to the North Pole is very tireing. The boys finished their masks and they reminded me of all my elf friends back home.



I decided to leave the boys the ELF DVD today as neither of them can go to school - even though they have stopped being sick they cant go back for 24hrs (or something). We all sat and watched it. I had totally forgotten what Buddy got up to when making the film. The boys seemed to enjoy it and even recognised that some of the people in it where also in the film Rudolph brought for them! Not sure what I am doing later but will let you know. x



Last night I found where the family hide the sweets, in the fridge! Well I sat and ate 2 packets of fizzers, a couple of hard boiled type sweets, a mini chocolate Santa and snowman and a couple of chocolate coins. I couldn't eat the lollypops and the rest of the chocolate as I started to feel sick, and I didnt manage to get them back into the fridge before the boys got up...... they were really excited that I had left them some chocolates and sweets on the floor!!!


There are only 11days left until I have to pack my things ready to go back to the North Pole. In 1 way I cant wait to see all my friends but in another I dont want to leave the boys and family.

Last night I made my own ladder from some elastic bands and the boys found me hanging from it near the loft hatch. By the time that they had told the grown ups and they got upstairs I had moved and the only trace that I had been there was the elastic band ladder! I had moved very quickly, and no-1 found me..... well I think the grown ups may have seen me but they didnt let on. I was sat with the shampoo and bubble bath etc.



10days left!!! Time has gone so quickly.

Last night I managed to talk some of the toys into coming downstairs and we had a snowball fight with some soft white balls I found in the bathroom. They wern't cold like proper snow but I believe that they are "fake snow". What I cant understand is what they were doing 1. in the house and 2. upstairs in the bathroom. Never mind!!!

As the boys slept through my invite to join us I left them a chocolate elf each.



9days until I return to the North Pole!

I have 9 days left to cause mischief!!! Last night I found some presents that needed wrapping so I thought I would do them and be helpful. BUT I got into a bit of mess with the paper and sellotape (half a rolls worth) and ended up wrapping myself as well. Luckily I can write in my journal without having to hold the pen as I am magical and was able to leave a message for the family to help me out of the sticky situation.

I spent the rest of the day in my sleeping bag asleep!



8days until I return to the North Pole!

I spent the day in my sleeping bag thinking about what I could do..... I did consider putting underwear on the tree but thought better of it.

I did nip out of the house for an hour (not that anyone noticed) so that I could go and do an interview for Christmas 25 - the North Pole news channel.

However, when the family returned home in the evening I saw a big box of cakes get put into the kitchen cupboard...... so I went climbing to get the cakes, only problem was the box was deeper than I thought, I went in head first and the cupboard door closed behind me trapping my foot in it. Don't worry i'm fine, no injuries, the boys found me BUT I didnt even get a cake.



I'm getting sad to think that there are only 7days of my stay left. The boys have gone back down with this horrible bug, which meant that they both missed their school christmas parties. The little 1 was allowed to go and see Santa though. Santa asked him all about me and if I was being good. (As if I would be anything other!!!) Little man was thrilled to bits and didnt stop talking about Santa asking about me.

Anyway after they had gone to bed I sneaked upstairs and got some books to read. I was going to stay upstairs but thought I may wake the boys. So I brought them all downstiars and sat reading. I must have fallen asleep as I was woken this morning by the boys and I had a book in my lap and the rest all over the floor.



The boys are being VERY NAUGHTY!!! They wont leave me alone and are treating me like a TOY!!! the very cheek of it - i'm alot older than they are and this is how they treat me i'm NOT happy. I have told them that if I leave I wont be coming back before christmas and they wont be getting any toys/presents only "elf or reindeer poo!" They have helped themselves to food and hidden things that are not theirs. They really need to start being good as its only a week until christmas and i dont want to put them on the naughty list.



I wrote the boys a letter telling them I wasnt happy and that they had to start being good. They left me alone all day.

I left them a clue in the book as to where they could find the next clue, and they had to solve the clues to find the next 1. this kept them busy for about 5mins, they did find me.



After everyone had gone to bed I took the camera and went and got a picture of me with each of them whilst they slept. They didnt wake up which is good and means they wont hear santa when he arrives!

The boys seemed quiet shocked when they read in the book that I had taken photos and even more so when they saw them.



I found some lovely christmas decorations that I had obviously missed when I put the others up. So I thought I would do it. Well I climbed up, managed to pin 1 end into the ceiling and slipped on the curtain ring. I hit my head on the table and then the floor and I also hurt my arm. Luckily there was a friendly fox passing that knew 1st aid and found a 1st aid kit. He bandaged my head and put a plaster on my arm. He even stayed with me until the boys got up.



As you know I banged my head yesterday, so I spent the day resting, the boys were quiet (for them) and let me rest, so I left them a candy cane each.



I saw the boys go out of the house on push bikes yesterday and it looked like fun! I found a small 3-wheeled bike and rode it around the house for abit and then took it outside. i peddled like mad and came to a shop, so I went in and bought the kids a chocolate elf eachand a pack of shortbread for mum and dad. i left them in the bike basket with the few pence change I was given. I was still sat on the trike when the kids got up.

Thursday, December 18th 2008 9:32 AM
My interview with Christmas 25 channel

Today I received a copy of my interview, incase any of you missed it, I have added it below:

Christmas 25

Welcome to Channel 25's North Pole News! Where it's ALL North Pole News ALL the time!
Welcome to Christmas 25, your North Pole Action News channel! Tune in here for up to the minute reports of all things North Pole!
Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Coldcast 8
Welcome one and all to the Christmas 25 news channel. I'm Merry and I'm glad to be back after a lovely day of rest. Everything is healing just fine!

Enough about me and my mishap! o< ) Let's jump right into tonight's interview. For this one, we are heading over to England where we will be talking with Bertie Elfkins.

Hi Bertie and welcome to our's a pleasure to have you here.

Bertie: Why thank you Merry, it's an honor to be here!

Merry: Tell me Bertie, where does Santa have you living these days?

Bertie: I'm staying in a place called Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom. It's a little ways north of London. Lovely place!

Merry: Who are you reporting on in that household?

Bertie: I've got two boys that I keep an eye on.

Merry: Ooohh...are they a handful?

Bertie: Well, I don't want to tell any tales but I haven't quite made up my mind yet as to whether they should be put on Santa's nice or naughty list yet, if that tells you anything.

Merry: Oh my...well, hope you decide soon...Christmas is fast approaching! Do you get along well with the parents?

Bertie: Oh yes! They're both real nice. They're young and fun but strict. We get along great!

Merry: What kind of movies do you like to watch in your down time?

Bertie: Well, I really like Rudolph and the island of misfit toys. But I don't have much down time. I keep pretty busy what with getting stuck upside down in a tree, having parties with the toys and Rudolph came to visit for a while so we had lots of fun together.

Merry: Sounds like you've done alright for yourself with this family. Hopefully you'll get your report in to Santa soon! Thanks again for spending some time with us Bertie...we really enjoyed having you here!

Bertie: Thanks Merry, I had a good time too but I better get going before my family notices I'm gone! Bye everyone...see you on the 25th!

Well, folks, I think that's our broadcast for tonight. It seems as though both of my brothers are missing. Mr. McSpritz is not going to be happy about that! Hopefully they'll be back in time for tomorrow's broadcast. Thanks for tunning in everyone...see you next time!

This is Merry signing off and wishing you peppermint fizzies...they're the best!


November 27th 2008

Today Santa received a letter from a 3yr old boy asking if he had a spare elf that could come and live with him and his brother until christmas. Well i had finished making the toys and Santa agreed that i could go as long as I behaved myself.

I started to collect my things ready to leave on the evening of the 28th November, so that I was with the children and their parents for December 1st. I went and told my friend Jingle that i was going out as a visiting elf again this year. He told me i had to behave and not go near the alcohol as i had the year before last. (I got caught and vadly told off and I wasnt allowed to go out as a visiting elf last christmas - 2007). Santa doesnt normally give 2nd chances for things like that.

I really cant wait to meet the children. I hope that they are nice. Anyway, i'm going to go and see if Mrs Claus can make me a big dinner before I leave and then go and say bye to all my friends.


November 28th 2008

I have just had a lovely meal of cracker crumble, my favourite! Mrs Claus knows exactly how to make it. I’m sure my mum gave her the receipe or showed her how to do it.

I am just going to say bye to Jingle and Rudolph and all of my other friends here at the north pole as I don’t think I will see any of them until my birthday on December 25th. It’s a bit unfair as most people get 2 special days a year – their birthday and then Christmas day. But I only get 1 as I was born on Christmas day, never mind. I will leave the children a note about my birthday and they may send me a card.

I am going to sign off here and say bye for now. I wont be able to make another post for a few days as I will be travelling. But as soon as I get to the families house I will update it.