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2010-10-19 10:25:35 (UTC)

I knew it the moment you walked into the door.

Lately i've been wondering if I should be in a relationship. I guess
in the back of my head I give myself till the end of the month
before I break it off. It's not fair to my gf to be in this
relationship with me, when i'm not over the ex.

I've thought about getting in touch with you a lot lately, I don't
really understand why though, I was happy a few weeks ago, I loved
my gf and everything was golden. Suddenly i'm in this trap again. I
think it might be because i've been spending a lot of time at home
lately, mainly this weekend due to work. Can't really do anything
before work as I wake up late, then work nights, get home and it's
pretty much sleep. Because i've been home for so long i've started
over thinking everything, i've started turning my gf into the enemy
and I don't understand why i'm doing this. I guess we need to talk.

Another way around breaking up with her would be to keep going out,
not stay in unless it's to sleep like I used to, and also get put on
anti depressants. I guess I can try that before ruining my life over
someone who gives a fuck about me.

I don't want think about you, all day long. I don't want dream about
you, girl I do miss you. Just a little, just a little, just a
little, okay maybe more than just a little bit.