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2010-10-13 20:24:16 (UTC)

Why don\'t you be the artist, and make me out of clay?

Went back to turkey on the 3rd of oct, got back on the 11th. Missed
my gf a shitload while I was there, come back, spent some time with
her, pretty much all my time since i've been back, only inside i'm
fucked up over you again.

In may last time I went there, I was still fucked over you, it was
pretty much me going to turkey which ended us, or at least we pretty
much stopped talking, I went to turkey, got back and then yeah,
stopped talking.

Being in the same style hotel room (stayed at the same hotel) really
fucked me up, as all I did is go over how I felt last time in that
room. How I missed you so much and wished you were with me. Since
being back all i've basically wanted to do is get in touch with you
and see you, and think about what i'm even doing in a relationship
when I really don't think i'm ready.

My gf's talking about moving in together next year, and even the
possibility of having a child. It's not a case of, i'm scared of the
commitment, it's just I still don't think i'm completely over you.

I try out a smile and I aim it at you. You must have missed it, you
always do.