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2010-09-15 20:59:58 (UTC)

Nothing matters unless you’re satisfied.

Feelings tend to fuck my head up, I never seem to truely
understand them until it's too late. Suz broke up with me
on tues, the reason is hilarious. Only I now realise how I
feel about her, and I highly doubt we'll get back
together. As soon as I told a mate he text me back telling
me he was picking up green today and asked if I wanted
any. I guess it would of made sense to start smoking it
again, seeing as I only quit for her.

The reason she broke up with me is because she doesn't
trust me, because she read on msn that me and you are
friends again, even know we're not. We haven't spoken
since turkey, then 1st of sep comes and suddenly we're
friends on msn. She wouldn't accept the fact that we're
not talking. It's amazing. Even without you in my life,
without us talking and you fucking my head up, you're
still able to completely fuck my life up.

This land's so alien to me, but I just felt comfortable
here. Now I don’t know the way home, and I don’t know
where I’m trying to go.