Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2010-09-11 03:24:32 (UTC)


What makes up the human condition? What allows us to
perceive that condition and how can we know for sure that
what we perceive is reality as the larger portion of the
population perceives it or if our perception is a small
slice of the pie that does not accurately reflect what the
vast majority sees when looking at the world around us? So
often I see things and feel as if what I am feeling or
thinking in regard to what I experience may not be an
accurate formulation when measured against the average
person's feelings toward the same experience. I am so much
better behind the scenes where I can be anything and
everything freely and not have to worry about how it may
come across to others.
So often over the years I have been approached and told how
inaccessible I come across to some cold, but
that is not it at all. So often, it is just that at those
particular moments I have no input to provide, no assistance
to particular service to render and so I just wait
to find the next moment in time when once again I will be
able to pick up a moment in which to immerse myself and
bathe in the wonderful thing I call my life. is ok to be considered much better to be
cruel in the short term for a purpose than to be kind in
order to avoid hurting anyone. In the end you hurt those you
aim to protect so much worse by leading them down a rosy
path that was never more than imagination and wishful
thinking. Be cruel and don't waste time that you could
better use in pursuit of other endeavors. Life is short.