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2010-08-30 00:19:16 (UTC)

You make me want to bleed.

It's almost been 3 months 3 weeks since me and Suz
starting dating. Things are going better than they were 2
months ago, and even better than a month ago. We've only
had the one argument which was resolved very easily, but I
dunno. I still miss you, and it's starting to show. My
heart isn't in this like it was with you, but don't get me
wrong, I still love my gf, I just, my heart doesn't skip a
beat like it did with you.

I'd hate to think that this is the relationship that gets
me over the last, but never works out. I don't really know
what to do anymore. I guess I never did. At least i'm not
thinking about you at random points in the day anymore,
it's just when I see you it eats at my heart. I guess I
won't be seeing you again as of today.

I never thought moving on from true love would be this
hard. I wish I was never in love with you, then maybe i'd
be happy like you are with your new bf. I'd be able to
actually smile with my gf and mean it. If only she knew
how I truely feel, i'm sure we'd last long.

I want to be with my gf, i'm trying so hard not to think
about you, or want you. I guess i'm still not ready to get
over you, there's still a place for you in my heart. Maybe
if this relationship fucks up she'll take that place with
the rest of it.

Never had a drink that I didn't like, got a taste of you,
threw up all night.