Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2010-08-19 04:54:36 (UTC)

Forever the Ocean

I sit upon this shore observing the velvet sky...
Inky waves like feathery tongues lap at me, touching and
caressing my skin
I close my eyes smelling the brine, feeling the coarse
grains of sand against my thighs
Longing fills my soul, hunger sharp and strong tears at me
And I open my arms crying out for some unknown desire riding
upon the air tonight
What do I seek with such longing?
What do I hunger for with such fierceness?
I walk into the waves, feeling the warm currents lapping my skin
tasting the salty sea as the foam bursts against me
and I begin to swim with strong strokes that take me further
and further out into that inky darkness and wonder how much
further till I can reach the sky.