Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2010-08-19 04:18:26 (UTC)

My Lover, My Husband

I close my eyes and I see your face
I feel your skin brushing against me...
Butterfly kisses and the sweet scent of your breath.
The heat of your touch burns me
And I find myself turning, eager for your caress.
You move away and I sway towards you
Begging for just one more touch, a kiss,
Knowing that I will do anything
Just to feel your embrace.
I love how you look at me, the heat filling your eyes
When I sway by you, brushing up against you and breathing
deeply of your skin.
I love how you feel under my nails and my teeth
And how you hold me tight and hard against you
Keeping me from moving except as you will.
You drive me crazy with longing when you grab my hair and
twist me toward you, rough and hot and wanting me so badly I
can taste it in the air around us
And all I can do is beg you to take me and use me to please
yourself and in doing so make my world spiral down to a
pinpoint of swirling emotions and feelings and longing...
I enjoy teasing you, knowing that I will spend the day
thinking of how your body responds to me and how lovely the
evening will be when I finally have you in my arms again.