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2010-08-13 19:56:59 (UTC)

Another night with her but I am always wanting you.

We're doing better, we're closer than ever, but I keep
asking myself if I even love her. We have things in
common, there's a lot we have different views on which is
good. It means there's never a moment of silence.

Yet I miss you. We had pretty much everything in common, I
don't even know why i'm typing this. You don't want me,
i've always wanted you, I guess in the back of my head I
still do, but I have something good going on right now.
Why am I risking what I have just to see you?

You have a bf now, i've no idea who he is or what he's
like, seeing as we haven't spoke in over 4 months. I still
kinda hope that one day you'll talk to me again, I don't
really see it happening. I get pretty depressed everytime
I think about you, or everytime i'm asked something about
you. I wish you'd just tell me straight so I could take it
and say bye.

It's times like these that I wish I could teleport to
you 'cause then we wouldn't have an issue.