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2010-04-16 09:01:50 (UTC)

Maybe someday i'll come running home to you.

I miss you more than ever right now. I can't
stop thinking about you. I'm not really sure
why i'm thinking about you more than normal,
maybe it's because we're talking more. I guess
for some unknown reason, i've started thinking
that we can be something, that it might be me
you come home to after work. That it's me that
puts a smile on your face when you walk in
the door. You'd tell me all about your day after
throwing your arms around me, kissing me,
just like last time.

I wish you'd just come back to me, I really am
broken without you, I wish you could see how
shit everything is without you, just how well i'm
doing without you. I don't understand it, I have
a good night, except for seeing someone that
looked like you. Then I get home, and all I
want to do is just get into bed with you and fall
asleep in your arms. I hate having to sleep
alone, I hate being alone, without you I am

Maybe i'm in the wrong mindset or something,
but I don't really see how i'm ever going to get
over you, how i'm ever going to be with
anyone else when no one, nothing compares
to you. In the last 10 months the only girls i've
looked twice at are girls that look like you. I
don't really see the point in even trying to be
with anyone, I'll just end up getting my heart
broken again. If it's not you breaking my heart
I don't wanna know about it. I'm not going to
fuck myself up on someone less than you.

I guess it's not fair, to not give anyone else the
chance because they're not you. What's the
point though? Am I really that shallow that i'll
never accept anyone else because they're not
as good as you? I can't believe how fucked up
i've become over you.

I love how you're fine, you're over it, you've
had your fun with me. Meanwhile i'm here
broken, bloody and fucked up. I wonder if you
even care anymore, I bet you don't. You say
you still think about me, I bet you don't. You
say you miss me, really? I hope I don't wake, I
hope I feel something other than what i've felt
for the past 10 months.

I still somehow hope I end up with you.